Donor Seating


UCATS members receive priority seating opportunities for football and menís basketball season tickets. The seating charts of Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena (on pages 8-9) reflect the minimum tier giving amounts that are requested to sit in the priority seating locations of each venue. All UCATS season ticket holders will have the opportunity to keep their existing seats as long as minimum donation requirements and deadlines are met, and have the ability to improve their seats through the annual Seat Improvement Process. New UCATS season ticket holders with a pledge intention on file may also participate in the Seat Improvement Process. Appointments are allocated based on giving tiers (pledges) and priority points within each tier.


To allow for review of the most attractive seating locations in Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena, all UCATS members may pledge to a desired tier location at the time of pledge. This will present the opportunity for UCATS members to participate in the seat improvement process, evaluate seating locations in a desired tier location, and make the decision to lock in their pledge at the time of seat selections. UCATS members are provided the opportunity to consider higher priority tier locations while reserving the options to retain their current seats.


Contact a member of our Customer Service Center at 1-877-55-UCATS to learn more about flexible payment options for UCATS memberships and both football and menís basketball season tickets. Multi month payment options will help extend your payments and create more accommodating timetables.


ALL current or future UCATS members and Season Ticket Holders are strongly encouraged to contact the NEW UCATS Customer Service Center for all of your account needs. The goal of the Customer Service Center is to provide fast, reliable service before, during, and after each season. As a benefit for you, this office has the ability to assist in all areas of our daily operation. Fans calling 1-877-55-UCATS can receive account assistance with questions regarding UCATS, Ticketing, Parking, or general questions that you may have regarding fan experience. In addition, this area will be responsible for the seat improvement process and assisting you throughout UCATS and season ticket renewals.

The Customer Service Center is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. -5 p.m. You can contact us by calling 1-877-55-UCATS or by e-mail at


New in 2012-13 All football and menís basketball season ticket holders will receive information relevant to a scheduled customer service phone call prior to each season. These telephone calls will provide each UCATS member the one on one opportunity to discuss seat improvement options, parking designations, payment options, upcoming events, account information and overall membership experiences. The telephone appointments will be scheduled by giving level first and priority points within levels of giving.