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The UCATS Priority Points System provides an equitable and systematic method of providing benefits to donors for their financial investments in UC Athletics. Priority Points determine selection order for season ticket seat assignments, away-game allocation, parking, seat improvements, and other special events or activities.

This system takes into account six variables which all center on loyalty to The University of Cincinnati and UC Athletics. This is one of the most robust priority point systems in college athletics and one of a handful that recognizes philanthropic support of the university beyond athletics.

Please note that point rankings are subject to change day to day based on overall support of UC Athletics.. The UCATS staff recommends checking your points and ranking online periodically throughout the year. All future point statements will be mailed by request only.

You can find your current point total by accessing your DonorNet account HERE. (Login Required)

Current Gifts
Donors are awarded five points per $100 given in support of Athletics (designated or undesignated). Donors are also awarded one point per $100 given to a UC program outside of athletics in the current fiscal year prior to updated statement. (Maximum of 100 points)

Historical Giving
Donors are awarded one point per $100 for all gifts to athletics made prior to the current year.

Future Commitments
Donors are awarded one point per $100 for commitments made to athletics beyond the current year. (Maximum of 1,000 points)

Consecutive Years of Giving
Donors are awarded two points for each consecutive year of UCATS membership.

UC Alumni receive a one-time award of 20 points per membership. Former UC Student-Athletes also receive a one-time award of 20 points. Faculty and Staff (or a qualifying spouse), receive a one-time award of 10 points per membership.


Donors will be ranked by Priority Points at specific times throughout the year for the purpose of seat modification, parking and post-season tickets in football and men's basketball. Gifts made prior to these dates will help your Priority Point ranking as it applies to seating and benefit allocations.